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Maggi is known internationally for its delicious, quick, and affordable products. The goal of the company is to create quick and easy solutions to aid cooking and add flavor. Through a multitude of products that include German fixings, gravies, and soups, this goal is easily attainable.

Started by Julius Maggi in 1886, Maggi has over 130 years of experience providing the absolute best for the consumer. First started as a cheap and nutritious way to provide meals for factory workers, Maggi has since become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It offers nutritious instant soups and other products. Today, the recipes are fortified with micronutrients. Moreover, as part of the Simply Good initiative, the Maggi range will have removed all ingredients consumers are unfamiliar with by 2020. This means that there will be no unrecognizable ingredients on the packaging. This is being done to make Maggi products more accessible and to create a broader understanding of the kitchen and how to use Maggi products.

Maggi has become a mainstay throughout the world, due in part to its successful advertising techniques. The classic yellow and red packing was one of the first things to be advertised on public transportation. Popular and recognizable, the Maggio Bouillon Kub can also be found in a Picasso painting.

Euro-American Brands imports Maggi’s line of traditional German foods such as Goulash, hunter sauce, pot roast fixings, as well as an assortment of soups.

Maggi History

When Julius Maggi created his first instant soup in 1886, he had an inclination that he was onto something big. He was hoping that what he was doing was going to change the way people eat forever. His motivations were not those of an entrepreneur, but rather a caring mill owner. In 1885, Julius Maggi inherited his father’s mill in his native Switzerland and  wanted the best for his workers. He realized they were not as healthy as they could be and could not afford nutritious meat. Instead of raising wages, he decided to spend a year figuring out how to make a more nutritious meal.

In 1882 Maggi met Dr. Fridolin Schuler. Schuler was a member of the Swiss Public Welfare Society, a group that tried to increase the standard of living among the Swiss people. Dr. Schuler also believed in a correlation between malnutrition and weak immune systems and infant mortality. Through his research he concluded that the use of legumes was the solution to this problem. Legumes contain many nutrients and are easily digested. He told Maggi about this idea, who then decided to act on it. Starting in 1885, Maggi started to experiment with different legumes and ways to process them. He first made a new type of flour out of legumes. This led to the creation of the first instant soups, two types of pea soups and a legume soup in 1886. Maggi created soups that were tasty, nutritious, and easy to make.

In the same year, Maggi seasoning was released. This seasoning was a kind of concentrated liquid bouillon. The addition of it added lots of flavor and became a staple for many chefs. In 1897, Maggi Founded the company Maggi GmbH in Singen, Germany. His goal was to have his products be as well known and as common as salt and pepper. Three years later, Maggi registered his name in various types in many countries. In Switzerland, Maggi registered 19 versions of his name. Julius Maggi was one the first entrepreneurs to advertise and realize the importance of it. He hired many copy writers and artist who would later prove to be successful in their own right. Moreover, Maggi recognized the potential advertising on public transportation could have. He placed Maggi ads on trains, buses, and even boats on the Seine. Maggi was one of the first companies to give out free samples and have a customer loyalty program. These innovations allowed the brand and product range to grow. Maggi even wanted to cater to the Victorian taste of the time and created a line including curry, a mock turtle flavored instant soup, and truffle flavored Maggi seasoning. The most recognizable Maggi product is the bouillon cube, aptly named Bouillon Kub. It became so popular and recognizable that it was even featured in a Picasso painting. When Nestle purchased Maggi in 1947, it seemed only natural. Both were Swiss companies that aimed to sell the highest quality and nutritious products. Today, just as Mr. Maggi hoped, Maggi is known for affordable, nutritious products, and high quality worldwide.

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