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With 115 years of experience, Zeisner specializes in creating the most flavorful and highest quality sauces. The motto of the company is “with passion for the best possible taste.” Thus, when you try  Zeisner Curry Ketchup, you know that you are getting the best quality possible. The blend of spices used to create the Curry Ketchup, which includes more than a dozen herbs, is a family tradition. Zeisner claims that the spice room is the heart of the production of all their ketchups. It is with pleasure that Thomas Zeisner, current head of Zeisner & Co and the fourth generation of Zeisner, states that, “the best success is to produce a product that tastes good to the consumer.” The Curry Ketchup is a blend of the fruitiest tomatoes, apples, vinegar, and spices. It is 100% natural and uses only specially selected ingredients. The flavor is a uniquely German experience and a blend of spicy and sweet. It is extremely popular in Germany and is even one of the top ketchups in neighboring Belgium.

Zeisner History

Waldemar Zeisner was an importer of sauces from England. In 1902, he and his wife Juliane began experimenting with spice blends and eventually created their own special Zeisner sauce. It all started in a house in Bremer, Germany where it remained for many years. In 1937, the son of Waldemar and Juliane had already taken over the company. His name was Georg Zeisner. It was Georg that first started the production of ketchup. At the time, this was a bold choice because ketchup was not very popular within Germany. It was often used as a specialty spice instead of a condiment. After the occupation of Germany by British and American troops, the demand for ketchup greatly increased. This is because ketchup had already reached immense popularity in England and America. It was the third generation Zeisner, Günther Zeisner, who, in the 1950s,  grew Zeisner ketchups to the size it is today. In 1969, the company moved to Grasenberg, Northern Germany, where it is still located. This move was required because the company needed more space after all its growth. Today, the company is still is in Zeisner hands, owned by fourth generation Thomas Zeisner. The company maintains its goal to create the best and most flavorful products for customers worldwide.

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John Coles

VP Sales

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Northeast Regional Sales Manager

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Western Regional Sales Manager

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Southern Regional Sales Manager

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Laura Lawless

Inter-Mountain Regional Sales Manager

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Southwest Regional Sales Manager

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Mark Wendt

Midwest Regional Sales Manager

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